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As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.


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The workshop will be spread over four days.

Date – 28, 29, 30 August

Timing – 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Workshops will be organized by the instructor to delve into different aspects of Poetry, genres, styles, forms and modern Poetry.

You will also solve assignments given at the end of each class and will get feedback from your colleagues. This practice serves multiple purposes –

  1. Constant Feedback – Will improve your skills.
  2. When you will give feedback, you will learn about analyzing a someone else’s perspective.
  3. Discussion about how to analyze a poem.
  4. Interaction with like-minded people.


Poem is a Creative Art. Anyone who wants to learn how to think like a poet, write poetry for pass time or aspiring to become a poet can join.

50% discount for all students. Mail us your Student ID at support@openbrainsociety.com to get refund of 50%.

You are not the first one to join this course, scroll down to see videos of people who have added a poetry writing skill in their life. EVERYONE IS TALKING POSITIVE!


  • Do you want to write poetry like Maya Angelou, William Shakespeare or Robert Frost?
  • How many poems have you read?
  • What do you feel when you do not understand the meaning of a poem or text?

Many poems have structure or geners much like music or movies. Poetry is a skill which is used alone or in combination with other art forms. If sentences are squeezed in the some words, dancing and playing magically a poem is born. There is no age for to learn any art form.

In the class, we are going to read about different forms of poetry, discuss about poets and read some wonderful poems of all time which will give you a knack in your classes in literature.

This small 4 day course is going to teach you much about literature and its beauty. Join us for the next batch. Learn with Supriya!

Scroll down to know more about your instructor.

See What Others Are Saying

The curriculum designed by the Open Brain Society called the Fundamental Training has its main emphasis on student’s inherent ability to think, make decisions, identify patterns all by themselves. I can see its tremendous ability to transform the coming generations who undergo the course, like the clarity of concept and an increased liking towards learning and the way they’ll face any new situations.

Dr. Saini,
Phd. Mathematics
25+ Years experience in IIT-JEE Coaching

One of the central factors in my choice to gain something through education was impact. When I think of the impact I hope to have, I think of social impact. I pursued their 5 day workshop to know what, how and why I was learning anything. The mentor is just amazing with a lot of experience in his subjects. Totally recommend their courses.

Avinash Sahu
B. Tech. – IIT Madras
MBA – FMS, Delhi

Presently working at Myntra; Ex-Samsung, Ex-Paytm

I really appreciate the quality and presentation. The courses are designed by professionals and are really responsive. The thinking skills that I have learnt through the course I took is helping in my career throughout. OBS’s content is just amazing. If you aren’t in there, you are missing quiet a lot.

Sourav Shukla
Learning Enthusiast; Student

About the Instructor

Supriya Sahu is a Software Engineer who is working in an IT Firm and is currently based in Bangalore. She is often seen among the audience listening to poetry and more often on stage performing Spoken Word Poetry. She loves the art of observing things. Her works have been published in 2 books namely – The Fragrance of life and Ikigai. Her personal blog can be scrolled here. Along with this, she is a published author of articles which have reached the audience through Women’s Web platform.

Blog – http://emotravellin.wordpress.com/

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/supriya-sahu-a6241210a/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/emo_travellin/

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