What if Newton tried to pluck an apple but the apple beats his hand and flew high in to the air?

Newton discovers anti-gravity,

PIC SOURCE: caroonstock.com

Everyone knows “How gravitational pull was discovered” through a version of story on newton which was assumed to be true by many.

but, what if instead falling on the ground, the apple flew high in to the air.

it may be one of the following possibilities right?

  • Some force is present upon us which attracts objects.
  • Earth repels objects.      (both imply same phenomena)                                      

so, let’s analyse a hypothetical world by bounding ourselves to the following conditions.

  • Earth will attract living creatures that can move by themselves.
  • Earth will repel those objects which need some external force to move.                                      

if so, then how would  our favorite sports, our lifestyle look like.    

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