Firstly, don’t confuse it with the Alan Turing’s biographical movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightley in its lead roles.

The basic thought is that whatever we the humans have achieved, invented or discovered so far, the credit should be given to the sense of our imitation of the existing things.

Discover of a wheel: Dating back to neolithic age of earth’s anthropic history, when the wheel was believed to be first used, if one puts a thought on how they might’ve got the idea, there are a lot of things that can lead to the formation of a visual of how objects can be transported with lesser effort than lifting and carrying and pulling or pushing with the underlying surface non-curvy.

The instances: A rock/ a log/ a person slipped from a point and rolled down the slope or some other phenomenon which might’ve triggered the thought of using the property of rolling!!

Right from very basic inventions and discoveries to the present day sophisticated equipment in various walks of technology, in many or most of the cases the ideas arose from an existing thing and we tried to imitate them to replicate and make a realistic use of such mechanisms and structures.

Like an aeroplane inspired from the structure and functioning of bird’s wings and the physical properties such as its mass distribution and postures.

A boat probably from a floating island or a floating remnants of life, fire by friction i.e., our ancestor Homo Erectus might’ve felt the warmth of his hands when he rubbed them against each other and when he did the same with some stones, he might’ve seen a spark and then on doing it as a habit, an immensely game changing invention “FIRE” (wow! I feel proud of my own race in spelling that :D).


The urge is lacking. No one’s gonna stop you, join us in this “game changing” journey

Wait for further updates!

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