Imagine you’re walking on the footpath of a clean road with mild traffic on a pleasant evening munching peas. You look at a vehicle passing by and realize its speed and you look at the same vehicle by stopping at a point you’ll notice a slightly different pace of it. The person on the vehicle experiences the same but in the opposite direction.

Again you’re lying on a cot on your house’s terrace in the evening and gazing at the stars visible from the clear sky and you find them stationary but the moon appears to be in a slow motion surpassing the clouds. Just put a thought about who’s actually moving, the moon or us? Interestingly if there’s some thing on moon that can see, it can realize that the Earth which is us is moving the same way the moon appears to us.

In fact both the Earth and the Moon are moving with respect to sun and the sun is moving with respect to a point in the vacuum enclosed by our galaxy and so on! The complicated theories like Einstein’s Relativity suggest that the universe is expanding and space and time are also relative to the frame they’re being observed from.

Now if we put a thought on what in this universe is absolute. It’s us!!! 😀

No I am not kidding. It’s our thoughts that can tend to be absolute as we dive deep into the world of thinking because it’s our ability to think which eventually established that everything in this universe is relative. Wait.. except our thoughts.

There are no bounds to thinking and cognition adds to the beautiful outcomes viz., conclusions at which we arrive at each stage of thinking. So think free, think unbounded, make anything and everything happen.

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