Why not empower yourselves to think, identify patterns and make decisions for your own life? Take our courses!

What We Do To Make Your Life Better

  • Online courses for individuals to enhance Lateral Thinking and Decision Making Skills using real life scenarios.
  • Your willingness and enthusiasm multiplies when you relate your learning to the real world scenarios.

  • Activities include Public Speaking, Group Quizzes, Motivational Sessions and others for the All Round Development.
  • You will make machines, their working models, think, imagine and question.
  • We tie up with schools and corporate set ups to make customized courses
  • This improves productivity of the workforce and makes them empowered to take better decisions.

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Why You’ll Love Us

Our core team comes from top colleges which include IITs, BITS and FMS, Delhi. We have worked, followed, tried and tested 100s of ways and have individually cracked Common Defense Exam, Air Force Exam, KVPY etc which are the prestigious among exams in India.

Why we are telling you this? Because you should be ensured that we have mastered the art of learning to learn. First in its kind these courses are going to teach you how to think rather than what to think.

  • Sustainable Learning
  • Lifelong Benefits
  • Minimal Cost
  • Extensive Community
  • Alumni Portal

We promise, You are not going to regret this!

“Excellent Content”

One of the central factors in my choice to gain something through education was impact. When I think of the impact I hope to have, I think of social impact. I pursued their 5 day workshop to know what, how and why I was learning anything. The mentor is just amazing with a lot of experience in his subjects. Totally recommend their courses.

Avinash Sahu
B. Tech. – IIT Madras
MBA – FMS, Delhi

Presently working at Myntra; Ex-Samsung, Ex-Paytm

“Love the flexibility”

The curriculum designed by the Open Brain Society called the Fundamental Training has its main emphasis on student’s inherent ability to think, make decisions, identify patterns all by themselves. I can see its tremendous ability to transform the coming generations who undergo the course, like the clarity of concept and an increased liking towards learning and the way they’ll face any new situations.

Dr. Saini,
Phd. Mathematics
25+ Years experience in IIT-JEE Coaching

“Fantastic quality”

I really appreciate the quality and presentation. The courses are designed by professionals and are really responsive. The thinking skills that I have learnt through the course I took is helping in my career throughout. OBS’s content is just amazing. If you aren’t in there, you are missing quiet a lot.

Sourav Shukla
Learning Enthusiast; Student

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